Data for Everyone

Whether it’s operational, customer centric, human resources, sales, advertising or raw log files, the value of the data lies in using it. To help you realise this value, we partner with you to turn your desperate data sources into insights and actions that drive better business outcomes.

We do this through:

Data literacy & leadership

Having access to your data is one thing; becoming insights-driven is another. Ultimately, employees must be empowered to deliver business value to the organisation. 

We customise training to drive data literacy throughout the organisation and prepare the foundations of your business for an insights-driven culture.




Data Strategy & Transformation

Before we get to the data, we bring together stakeholders from across the organisation to identify business objectives; get to the bottom of where the data resides and conduct resource gaps and cost/benefits analysis to hone in on the right strategy.

  • Data audit – We identify all data sources and clarify what’s involved to extract, curate (shape), explore, action and innovate
  • Data maturity assessment – We look at what skills and technology is required to implement the plan and outline any gaps
  • Data road maps – We outline a plan to capture, create and transform your data into a single source of truth to drive insights
  • Vendor & tool selection – We identify tools and vendors to fit your unique use case
  • Commercialization of data and analytics – We work closely with key business units, management and finance to understand the full commercial scope of your data

Visual Analytics

We help you track performance to goals, be alerted when things go wrong, and share analysis and recommendations across the organisation in real-time. We also give your staff the ability to work with data without having to rely on engineering and analysts.

The value of the data lies in using it.

  • Data visualization – Based on your objectives, metrics and KPIs, we identify the key data sources and recommend the best types of visualizations for the different teams across the organisation
  • Dashboards & scorecards – From metrics and KPIs, we prototype and build the dashboards and scorecards that meet the right objectives
  • Exception reports & alerts – We help you monitor the pulse of your business to identify metrics that deviate outside expectations