Google Tag Manager Course

Integrating Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics is a simple way to apply tags and future proof your analytics setup. The key to success though is understanding the difference between tags, triggers and variables and applying a best practice methodology that will make it easy for you or your team to understand and build upon in the future.

Learning the Fundamentals

  • Understand the benefits of Google Tag Manager
  • Understand GTM terminology
  • Learn how to deploy Google Analytics through GTM
  • What is the data layer?
  • Plan your measurement strategy
  • Tags, triggers, and variables
  • Preview, publish, and version management
  • Installing Google Analytics with GTM

Implementing Advanced Tracking

  • Implementing advertising tags
  • Cross-domain tracking
  • Using tags, triggers, and variables
  • Tracking downloads and outbound links
  • Tracking clicks on HTML elements
  • Tracking Form submission tracking
  • Anchor link (URL hash) tracking
  • Implementing advanced GA features
  • 404 error tracking
  • Implementing custom tracking scripts such as scroll tracking and embedded videos
  • Exporting & importing containers

This course is ideal for web developers and marketing specialists. Though the course requires a basic technical background, marketers will gain a valuable understanding of how Google Tag Manager can help them track events and campaigns across their owned properties more effectively.

Cost: $1500

Next Session: December 15, 2020