Google Analytics Course

Out of the box, Google Analytics is a great analytics platform for tracking visitors to your website. But without the right setup and knowledge, understanding the metrics and extracting value beyond the basics is challenging at best. This full day course will help you gain a better understanding of how to make the most from your data, ensure your data is accurate, setup goals and assign value to each step in the customer journey, learn how to use the various tools for deeper segmentation and analysis as well as learn to clearly articulate the right actionable metrics that help drive the business and your career forward.

Getting Started

  • Establish the right setup for Accounts, Properties & Views
  • Create and implement a tracking plan
  • Understand your visitors’ behaviour
  • Setup measurable goals and assign value
  • Analyse campaigns & sources of traffic
  • Understand the customer journey
  • Implement attribution modeling

Advanced Data Cleansing

  • Consistently tag your sources
  • Normalise your data
  • Exclude internal traffic
  • Block bots and spiders
  • Remove anomalies & duplicates

Extracting Useful Data

  • Advanced in-report filtering
  • Implementing secondary dimensions
  • Using pivot tables and intelligence alerts
  • Utilising unique custom variables
  • Sharing advanced segments and custom reports
  • Effectively measure marketing campaigns

This course is ideal if you understand the basics of Google Analytics and want to learn to use some of the more advanced features, including event tracking, advanced segmentation, RegEx, and more. Though the course requires a basic technical background, business and marketing people will still get a lot out of value from the class and gain a better understanding of what kinds of elements can be tracked with Google Analytics.

Cost: $1500

Next Session: December 8, 2020