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Today’s marketers, business managers and founders have access to more data and better tools then any other time in history. However, without the right understanding and skills to analyse the data, many are leaving value on the table. These course will help you and your team make better use of the data you have inhouse.

Google Analytics Master Class

Out of the box, Google Analytics is a great analytics platform for tracking visitors to your website. But without the right setup and knowledge, understanding the metrics and extracting value beyond the basics is challenging at best. This full day course will help you gain a better understanding of how to make the most from your data and clearly articulate the right actionable metrics.

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Google Tag Manager Master Class

Integrating Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics is a simple way to apply tags and future proof your analytics setup. The key to success though is understanding the difference between tags, triggers and variables and applying a best practice methodology that will make it easy for you or your team to understand and build upon in the future.

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